The Salmon and Sea Trout Recreational Anglers of Ireland represents and protect the rights of all affiliated angling clubs at local, national and international level. We will work assiduously on your behalf to promote the preservation and enhancement of salmon and sea trout populations in the country. SSTRAI works closely with the Angling Council of Ireland and the European Anglers Alliance. SSTRAI executive member Martin Mc Enroe has recently been appointed as a Board Member of Inland Fisheries Ireland. SSTRAI Secretary Bob Seward Hon Secretary of SSTRAI was also recently appointed Chairman of the European Anglers Alliance (EAA) Salmon Task Force and as NGO delegate for the EAA and ACI to the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO). He has also joined the Board of Salmon Watch Ireland.

SSTRAI executive members meet with IFI and Government Departments on a regular basis to discuss issues of concern and to help develop angling in Ireland. SSTRAI works on the delivery of our youth and disability programmes with our partners in the ACI through an approved Service Level Agreement with IFI. In addition, SSTRAI and the ACI are represented on the IFI Salmon Conservation Fund Committee. This ensures that as contributors we can be satisfied and verify the assessment and fund distribution process is open fair and transparent.

SSTRAI has arranged an excellent insurance package with our angling colleagues in the Angling Council of Ireland. JLT Insurance were recently appointed as brokers for SSTRAI. As members of the Federation of Irish Sport, we have benefited from the collective support and purchasing power of the other registered sporting NGB’s.

Our vision for the future is for an abundance of wild salmon and Sea Trout in our rivers and lakes. These migratory fish are a habitat indicator species. Wild salmon and Sea Trout will return to their natal rivers to spawn,

  • while those waterways remain unpolluted.
  • when they are not impeded during migration
  • as long as spawning targets are met, the presence of these wonderful fish in our rivers and lakes indicate a healthy habitat, when they keep returning we know it remains healthy.                                                                                                                                                              We as the custodians of our rivers and lakes have an inherent duty to ensure these species are protected for generations to come.