Angling for Youth Development Ireland


AFYD Ireland (Angling for Youth Development Ireland) is a volunteer based programme. Through its structures and activities it strives toward a sustainable culture of inclusivity and angling excellence, enabling the personal development of young people through the sport of angling.

Why Angling?

AFYDI is not just about fishing as a sport. It can help address many other issues and act as a springboard to channel young people into new experiences and opportunities.

Angling in all its forms is a great leveller, because it builds bridges across social and economic divides. It can help develop a young person’s motivation, skills, self-confidence, social care, personal enterprise, and promote physical exercise and good health. It can also lead to the development of a more responsible lifestyle.

It is a useful educational tool, in that the sport calls for knowledge of science, geology, geography, natural and social history.

It can provide employment opportunities and assist in a community’s economic growth.

Angling can also address social problems by reducing crime, truancy and anti-social behaviour, thereby helping to create safer and more caring communities.

It can be a positive, pro-active, and creative force for the improvement of both our social and natural environments.