Child Welfare

Denis Dennison is the appointed National Children’s Officer. He may be contacted by phone on 0872825577 or e-mail Code_of_Ethics_Guidelines_SSTRAI_Children_in_Angling_Sport-

Denis is a retired School Teacher from Abbeyfeale. Denis along with the SSTRAI / ACI coaches has completed the Local Sports Partnership Children’s Officer training course and has completed the ACI Garda Vetting process. SSTRAI insists that all coaches and others with a responsibility or who may be involved in working with children must complete the ACI Garda Vetting process. SSTRAI along with the ACI has developed a Code of Practice for working with Children and Vulnerable Adults. We also have in place Child Welfare Guidelines for all members and clubs to ensure training and reporting structures are clearly identified. Each affiliated club is required to appoint a Children’s Officer and make the appointment known to the National Children’s Officer. It is important to note that children in terms of the regulations means under the age of 18. The appointment of the club children’s officer should be by committee decision. Training will be provided by the Local Sports Partnership, the course is three hour duration and normally costs around €15.00. The course is highly recommended and explains the structures and reporting processes. We are obliged to ensure our youth are protected at all times and we take child protection very seriously. Since the introduction of Child Protection Policy in the ACI we have discovered two attempts of known registered pedophiles to infiltrate angling organisations. In a recent UK case an unlicensed coach was convicted of serious crimes against children. He had not been vetted by the UK organisation.