Coaching Course Programme

The 18th ACI Introductory Level Coaching course will be held in Fermoy on 23 February, 13 anglers have signed up. Trainee Tutors Brian Mohally and Myles Kelly having recently completed the Tutot Training Course will also be independantly assessed and hopefully approved to graduate at UL in April.


The ACI00019 Introductory Level Coaching course will be held in Northern Ireland in early March, 20 anglers have signed up. This will be followed by the H&S Safe Wading and River Rescue Course and Coaching People with Disabilities.

The first 2014 ACI Level 1 course will commence in March at Irish Sports HQ in Dublin, federation nominations are now being accepted for this course.

Qualification criteria include: Recommendation from Federation Secretary, Introductory Level qualified, CPD qualified in Coaching People with Disabilities, H&S Safe Wading & River Rescue, First Aid course, Min. of certified 25 hours coaching time under supervision.  Coaches must have completed the Garda Vetting Process and Child Welfare Training with the Local Sports Partnership.   On completion coaches will be licensed by Angling Council of Ireland.