Garda Vetting

ACI (SSTRAI) Garda Vetting information.

The Salmon & Sea Trout Recreational Anglers of Ireland have adopted SSTRAI Child Protection Guidelines in 2009, and the 2018 ACI child safeguarding  policy and procedures.  All members that may interact with children or vulnerable adults must complete the ACI  (SSTRAI) Garda Vetting Process. This process is mandatory and necessary to ensure children and vulnerable adults are not put at risk.  SSTRAI puts H&S and child Protection as the first two items on the agenda at all meetings.  The Garda Vetting is now conducted through the ACI. The e-vetting invitation form (NVB1) can be downloaded here and when completed must be posted (marked confidential) directly to the DLP. The postal address  for DLP is Bob Seward ACI National Designated Liaison Person 25 Shanowen, Rathcormac, Co.Cork.

Please click on the links below to download the form and guidelines for completing the the NVB1 form.

ACI Vetting Invitation NVB1

Guidelines for completing NVB1 form