Good news on Leader Funding

The Water and Communities Office (LAWCO) has been working to assist communities engage in a range of funding opportunities to improve their local waterbodies. LEADER projects under the Rural Environment Theme can be impeded or delayed as a result of the additional requirements imposed by planning requirements and obtaining statutory consents. The Water and Communities Office has been working closely with the Department of Rural and Community Development to try and address these constraints for those wishing to apply for funding under the Rural Environment Theme which includes water related projects.   


Therefore we are delighted to be able to announce that effective from 22nd June 2018, expenditure on assessments, surveys and other reports

required for the purposes of securing planning permission and/or fulfilling other statutory obligations are eligible for LEADER funding as a stand-alone Analysis and Development (A&D) project under the Environment Theme.  This includes Appropriate Assessments etc in Natura 2000 sites etc (e.g., SACs) that could be required for capital projects (habitat restoration etc) under the “The Protection and Sustainable use of Water Resources” and “The Protection and Improvement of Local Biodiversity” subthemes. The Waters and Communities Office is currently working on a guidance document for projects which will be issued over the coming weeks.


So please make use of this positive development