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Restoration of the Lower Shannon Special Area of Conservation for Sea Lamprey, Atlantic Salmon and European Otter

Pike Angling Competition & mega draw

Water too warm for Trout/Salmon?

Save our Sea Trout

This provides information on news and events with regard to sea trout. There is a membership application form available here for anglers who wish to support their work.

Central Fisheries Board

This is a very informative site and has links to all Regional Fisheries Boards. Salmon Catch Statistics. The C F B has published the 2006 and 2007 salmon catch statistics they can be viewed from the link at this site. A complete guide to all bye laws and regulations governing angling in Ireland are also available here.

“First Global Study Finds Fish Farms Detrimental to Wild Salmon Populations”

This scientific study looks at the impact of salmon farming on salmon and trout. Studies have clearly shown the farmed salmon breed with wild stocks and that parasites are passed on from farmed salmon to wild salmon.
Click here for report

Wild Salmon in Trouble Video

The Link Between Farmed Salmon, Sea Lice and Wild Salmon.
This is video shows the life cycle of Pink Salmon in British Columbia, it explains the problems associated with sea lice infestation during migration.

Abbeyfeale, Fishing Club

This is a local news page (under County Limerick , Abbeyfeale, Fishing Club) where noteworthy club events are updated on a regular basis. Any club may use this free site for posting local angling news or events.

Irish Federation Of Sea Anglers-Govern the sport of Sea Angling in Ireland

Welsh Federation Of Sea Anglers-Govern the sport of Sea Angling in Wales

National Federation Of Sea Angling-Govern the sport of Sea Angling in England

Irish Sports Council

Marine Institute

Irish Water Safety

Control of Aquatic Invasive Species in Ireland