SSTRAI, Angling Council Ireland and European Anglers Alliance

SSTRAI through its affiliation with the Angling Council of Ireland represents salmon anglers on two fronts 1 on the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation NGO Group (NASCO ) and 2 with the European Anglers Alliance. Bob Seward has been appointed by the Euopean Anglers Alliance as Chairman of the EAA Salmon Task Force. Martin Mc Enroe has also represented SSTRAI and ACI at EAA level and has produced working documents on small scale Hydro-power and the Fracking.

The recent position papers and brochures indicate the work that being done at EAA level.

EAA member countries that continue to enjoy runs of wild Atlantic and indeed Baltic salmon have now been tasked to complete a template document which will hi-light and monitor progress on the EU NASCO implementation plans and the Annual Performance Reviews (APR’s). This will help the EAA NGO ‘s to better evaluate the NASCO APR’s and identify what is working well or not working at all. The NASCO NGO group will be better informed of the progress or otherwise in each member state and the Baltic region. The NGO group will be in a position to question the NASCO parties on the results during the 31st Annual Meeting in France later this year.